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Freeport PA Postcards


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Freeport Area Library Association - Genealogy Department

Visitors to the Freeport Area Library who are interested in local history and genealogy are welcome to explore the David H. Prager Memorial Genealogy Department established in 2005.  Here you will find:

  • The "Freeport Journal" on microfilm 1885-1932

  • Various census on microfilm

  • Cemetery records (local)

  • Free computer access to

  • Birth, death, and marriage records taken from the Freeport Journal

History of an Allegheny River Town:  Freeport, Pennsylvania

Author:  Steve Gardner


This book is a comprehensive overview of the settlement of western Pennsylvania, with a focus on the evolution of the Borough of Freeport from its founding in 1797 to today. Included is a brief summary of the influences of the Native American Indians, founders William and David Todd, transportation including the Pennsylvania Mainline Canal and the Railroad systems, business and industry development from early settlement to current services, distilleries, newspapers, churches and much more.

The book may be ordered (for pick-up or shipment) through the Freeport Area Library. The order form is available on the Library's Website. The author is donating all proceeds to the Freeport Area Library.

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